Massoth Products

Massoth products are widely regarded as the defacto standard for garden railway DCC control. The range of robust and well designed products are tried and tested, stemming from their origins of the LGB MTS systems.

Control Systems

Please see the 'Massoth Kits' page for packages of fundamental control components. Individual replacement or additional control units can be chosen below.

Navigator Controller 2.4Ghz £ 295

Add an additional handheld controller to your model railway control system to allow friends and family to share the joy of locomotive control! The Navigator is a tried and tested mainstay of the Massoth range updated with the latest radio technology for the best range and compatibility. 

The controller can also be plugged into the control system via cabled connection. See our Electrical products page for extra long cables, custom length and socket panels.

Wireless Receiver 2.4Ghz £ 140

Receiver commands from Massoth Navigator handheld controllers connecting to your Massoth, LGB or Piko control system. Site this unit in an elevated position in your home or shed for maximum reception capability. Supplied with a connection cable and instructions

DiMax Booster £ 530

Have a big railway, power hungry locos or lots of accessories? 

.... A DiMax Booster unit gives you an additional 12A of supply current in a single output of two 6A for independent areas requiring extra power. The unit is a robust aluminium unit which matches the design of the Central Station and is compatible with other DCC control systems too. An external PSU is also required.

13A Power Supply £ 170

New for 2021, the Massoth 13A power supply is a robust unit providing reliable power to your Central Station, Booster or other railway components

Wireless Upgrade Kit £ 220

Upgrade an older installation to 2.4Ghz control frequency compatible with the newer hardware. Includes transmitter PCB and Receiver module.

Track Control

Switch Controller, 4 output £ 75

A mainstay of the Massoth system is the 4 output switch module built on the success of its predecessor. This module is suitable for control of you LGB points and signals along with switched lighting (including our LED signals). Also compatible with PIKO point motors. Offering momentary or switched control of up to 8 outputs or 4 paired outputs (ie: 8 building lights or 4 points)

Feedback Module £ 55

Once you have your locos and points controlled digitally, you can start to think about automatic or semi-automatic train control. You might also have a large garden without 100% visibility of the railway. A feedback module can assist!

Wire the module with a Push buttons, a Train Detection Module, Reed Switches or other sensors and information on train location will be fed back to the Central Station, your Navigator handset or PC controller.

Detection Module £ 36

This module can detect the presence of a train on your track. Wire as instructed into two of your track 'blocks'. It works by sensing the current used by the train which can be used with the Feedback Module, to illuminate a mimic panel or control other trackside accessories like level crossing lights.

Reverse-Loop Module £ 82

Building a balloon loop line, complicated trackwork and potential for short circuits between fiddly pointwork? Avoid the risk of electrical shorts and the damage they can cause by fitting a reversing loop module. This advanced unit senses train polarity and switches track polarity in a section to match, avoiding sparks and potential greater damage.

Bus Adaptor £ 32

For those with lots of system components which all need to be connected simultaneously. Offers an additional 5 Massoth Bus connections for Navigators, Feedback Modules and Wireless Receivers.

Loco Decoders, Sounds and Accessories

'Melody' Module £68

Add sounds to your layout with DCC or conventional control. 'Melody' is misleading as this module is very capable, offering a number of sound file playbacks to add realism to your station, train, buildings and more.  Speakers available from £7 to suit various needs. We also offer a customised announcement service - call us for more information or visit the Sounds page.

Massoth Locomotive Decoders

From their outset in the model railway control business, building locomotive electronics for LGB, Massoth have a developed a range of very capable control options. From compact chips for small locos to multi-motor, sound and accessory boards there really is an option for everyone.

Call us to discuss your needs.

'M' 1.5A Decoder £ 45

'L' 1.9A Decoder £ 62

'XL' 4A Decoder £ 70

'XXL' 10A Decoder £ 100

'LS' Sound Decoder £ 145

'XLS' Sound Decoder £ 179

Function Decoder £ 42

Decoder Power Buffers

If you have electrical issues with your trackwork, Power Buffers (capacitors) can be fitted to some Massoth decoders to ensure smooth running. 

Micro Power Buffer £ 50

Maxi Power Buffer £ 70

Automatic Uncoupler

A retrofittable motorised locomotive coupler enables you to remotely couple and decouple a train for even more realistic operation on a garden layout. Sold in pairs, the devices can be fitted to locomotives and waggons. Compatible with a range of decoders and including fittings.

Shunting Uncoupler £ 110 (Pair)

NEW 8444000 Switch Drive Point Motor EVO-S

Motorise your points or LGB uncoupling tracks with this highly versatile point motor with built-in control decoder. Wire directly to the adjacent track to save cabling and configure the settings for fixed / movable frogs, automatic position return and more. Brand new for 2023, we stock batch 2 which can also be used with LGB EPL control panels for analogue layouts.

Switch Drive £ 65

A range of speakers and other accessories are available to complement decoder installation - call for more info.

Spares and Other Equipment

We stock the Massoth Track Clamp range for feeding, insulating or improving electrical conductivity..... See Electrical Components page

We can also supplier all other Massoth products including:

Just call for more information - we hold many of the items above in stock and have regular deliveries from Massoth so can also order less common items in within reasonable timeframes.