We offer a range of general supplies for the construction of garden railways.

We keep a modest stock the following range of useful products for your convenience. Handpicked by us during our layout construction, we think they offer good value and suitability for garden railways.

Are we missing something from our range? Let us know and we'll consider stocking it!

LED Light Module

10cm, 6xLED - PAIR @ £5.00

20cm, 12xLED - PAIR @ £9.00

Custom lengths can be supplied on request

Pluggable 'choc-block' Terminals

Great for;

6A, 12way @ £ 4.50

12A, 12way @ £ 5.00

Tool Free Cable Connectors

A quick and flexible way of connecting many electrical connections without tools - simply strip the cable, insert and press down on the clamp arm. Simply open the arm to remove or add a cable. 

Great for wiring lighting and offering flexibility as your layout grows.

3way @ £ 0.55

5way @ £ 0.75

8way @ £ 1.10

2in, 6out splitter @ £ 2.00

Enclosure for 2x Connectors @ £ 4.00

Enclosure for 6x Connectors  @ £ 5.00

Electrical Cabling

Based on our experience, we've selected a range of electrical cabling to suit the needs of garden railway modelling and offer it to you, priced per metre.

Solid Core Twin Cable @ £ 1 per metre

Stranded Core Coloured Cable @ £ 00.30 per metre

Arctic-grade Flexible Cable @ £ 1.50 per metre

4 Core Cable @ £ 0.65 per metre

8 Core Cable @ £ 0.25 per metre

Twin Cable @ £ 0.35 per metre 

DCC Communication Cable @ £ 0.25 per metre

Massoth Controller wall sockets @ £ 6.50

Power Distribution Block @ £ 2.00 per pair

DC Power Plug and Socket @ £ 5.00 per pack

Electrical Switch Panels & Control Environments

We are able to make electrical control / status units or panels varying in complexity. From simple arrangements based on 'off-the shelf' components up to custom made, laser cut and engraved panels. 

Simple arrangements can be provided in kit form or pre-fabricated for ease and are cost-effective.

Complex systems can take time to design and manufacture so can be more expensive but represent the ultimate in bespoke control.

Of course, there is always a middle-ground and simple switch panel systems can be integrated with touchscreens to provide a hybrid solution.

Basic control interface panel fitted on laminated sheet material with Massoth DCC controller, touch screen tablet for PC control of points and signals, physical switch panel for isolation of circuits and turntable control. Designed to be fitted into a customer's IKEA shelving unit.