Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a physical shop that I can visit?

We'd love a shop but we don't have a physical store. It helps us keep our costs down and offer you the best prices. You can visit us in Stansted, Essex by appointment. We have a demonstration layout but keep limited stocks due to space constraints. If you want to see a product or learn more, we can always arrange a video call.

How do I make a purchase?

You'll see we don't have a shopping basket feature. We're not all about shifting boxes - we want to offer you a tailored experience and help you find the right product to suit your requirements. Equally, we have a small range and keep a small stock, with short manufacturing runs. Call or email us so we can understand your needs. Alternatively, fill out an order enquiry form.

How much is postage?

Once we know your requirements, we will calculate postage for your order and itemise it on your quote / invoice. Most orders fall into one of two categories depending on size/weight/volume/value: Generally, small orders are charged at £6 and large orders charged at £10 although a pack of plugs will obviously be a little cheaper while a £1,500 DCC package will cost more - after all, we want your purchase to arrive safely! We'll arrange dispatch to you on the best service within those price brackets be it Royal Mail or a courier.

How do I pay? Is it secure?

Once an order is confirmed, we have three options for payment:

  1. We can send you an invoice by email which can be paid with your card online securely. We use SquareUp Payments (you may have seen their TV adverts or used them before without even knowing it) for your security assurance.

  2. Call us and we can take card payments. We use SquareUp Payments for your security assurance.

  3. We can also accept cheques or BACS transfer, and offer a 1.5% discount for orders paid in this manner (as we save the credit card fee). There is a slight delay in this process though - in you posting the cheque to us, and us processing it.

I haven't heard of you before - how do I trust you?

We're a newcomer, it's true. We want to build a relationship with our customers so encourage you to call / email and discuss your requirements so you get an understanding for who we are. We can also offer video calls to demonstrate products from stock. Our website and email is secure, encrypted and provided by Google while payments are taken through SquareUp, an accredited payment service provider, so you can be assured of some of the best levels of security online.

How are your products cheaper than elsewhere?

We have purposefully limited our range of stock to limit costs and storage space. We focus on the most popular items so we can be efficient. We don't have an expensive retail outlet and run the business alongside other endeavours further reducing costs. We sell by email or phone to cut-out the overheads that a shopping basket function adds too. Pay by cheque and we can even offer you a discount.

My parcel hasn't arrived. What can I do?

Rest assured we're here to help. Call us and we will do our best to resolve whatever issue might arise.

I'm not happy with my purchase, please help?

Rest assured we're here to help and do our best to make sure your purchase is as you expect. Call us and we will do our best to resolve whatever issue might arise. We, of course, honour statuary rights for distance selling. Some products are made or cut to order and thus may only be returnable if there is a defect but please contact us regardless as we want to do what we can to help. For Massoth products, we recommend using the included registration card to benefit from Massoth Customer Support.

Do you sell locomotives, rolling stock and buildings?

Sorry, we don't. There are many very good retailers who do and we recommend you contact them for the best price! We are foremost sellers of DCC and model railway infrastructure although we occasionally have second hand items available.

Can you fit DCC decoders?

Generally we don't as we know there are several very experienced people offering this service and respect their quality offerings. However, on occasion we can offer support in this regard depending on the circumstances, especially as part of a DCC System purchase or significant layout upgrade where we might already be visiting or consulting on your project.

I have a question which isn't listed.

Please do contact us by email or phone and I'm sure we can help.