Digital Overview

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From simple control of an average layout to fully-automated operations, with or without sound and lighting, we can help bring your layout under control!

We specialise in Massoth, the defacto standard for electrically-operated digital control of garden railways. Original creators of the LGB systems, they have since revolutionised the market with their extensive range of robust products.

Although compatible with many other NMRA digital control systems, the Massoth system is particularly geared towards the heavy current loading and durability requirements of the outdoor scales. The potential of the system is limited only by your imagination but scaleable to fit your budget.

For those just starting out, it can be daunting but we’re here to help with training, advice, recommendations and consultancy services.

Don’t want to know how it works and just want to drive trains? ............. we are happy to quote for a system to include our installation on your railway

In it’s simplest form, the system comprises of:

  • A power supply transformer

  • A control unit (essentially a computer)

  • A handset controller (wired, wireless or multiple)

  • A single connection to your track

  • ‘Decoder’ microchips in your locomotives

From there, many choose to expand their control by adding components to enable:

  • Point / turnout control

  • Signal control

  • Locomotive and or layout lighting

  • Locomotive and or layout sound

  • Smoke effects

  • Animations of scenery using servo motors

  • Feedback displays for train location

  • Autonomous computer control

Thinking of buying a Massoth control system?

Essentials Package £ 915

  • Central Station, Wired Controller only - use your own PSU

  • No training included

Economy Starter Package £ 1034 995 Special offer for May only!

  • Central Station, 4A PSU, Wired Controller, Programming Lead

  • Our most popular option for small or indoor layout!

Wired Starter Package £ 1140 1,100 Special offer for May and June only!

  • Central Station, 13A PSU, Wired Controller, Programming Lead

  • Our most popular option for those upgrading from an analogue layout!

Wireless Starter Package £ 1,260

  • Central Station, 13A PSU, Wireless Controller, Wireless Receiver, Programming Lead

Computer Control Starter Packages from £ 1,500

  • Call us for a package tailored to your aspirations!

Buy from us and get the benefit of;

  • a free 20 minute consultation (by phone, video-call or in person). Bring or send a sketch of your layout for some tips to get started.

  • a free 1:1 training session of up to 2 hours at our location in Stansted, Essex or via Video Call – set up your system with your loco and walk away ready to run at home!

  • 5% discount on Massoth purchases for the next 6 months to expand your system

Already a Massoth owner and know what you're looking for?

*Special May/June pricing not valid with any other promotions