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With COVID measures likely to be in place to some extent at the start of the year, we're kicking things off with a streamlined version of our training held over a group video call. Although we think hands-on is the best way to learn, we've got some exciting plans to be a visual as possible - showing actual products and performing demonstrations to give you a real insight into the system.


The course will be 2-3 hours in length with breaks. With multiple cameras, presentations and demonstrations, the aim will be to retain all the benefits of an in-person training workshop.

A quick online questionnaire ahead of the course will give us an idea of the attendees knowledge and aspirations so we can focus as much as possible.


We're finalising plans now which will enable us to ensure our costs are covered. The equipment we need to rent comes at a cost so we're negotiating and aiming to be as economical as possible to deliver excellent value!


Led by James, a corporate events professional and railway enthusiast. With his industry having to relocate conferences online in recent times while maintaining engagement and value for companies, he understands the technology and processes to create an engaging presentation - anything but Zoom Gloom!


An introduction to digital control for garden railways with a focus on the Massoth product ecosystem. Intended for newcomers to the hobby or those already with a railway who want to implement digital control. The course will run through the differences from analogue, basic concepts, system components and setting up standard functionality. Hopefully dispelling the myths and focussing on the essential need to know to get you up and running, giving you the tools for further development. There will be time for questions and scenarios too.

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When things improve, we hope to offer in-person workshops, intended for those new to the hobby and those looking to transition their railway from Analogue to Digital Control.

The aims of our workshops will be to:

  • Provide economical introductory training to help you understand digital concepts and see if the Massoth system is right for you

  • Minimise group size to able to give focused, training to better suit your needs and to comply with COVID-Secure methods

  • Take your layout ideas as examples for the case studies discussed in the class - go beyond theoretical training to tailored relatable scenarios

  • Demonstrate the implementation of Massoth system components on our modular, reconfigurable test track, going beyond normal classroom training - offering you the chance to get hands on with the equipment in a real model railway context

  • Build a relationship with you so we can better help as your Digital ambitions expand

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